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About us

The Lowercase Foundation is a non-profit that brings free education to the general public. Our team consists of professionals that believe passionately in bridging the digital divide.

That’s why we offer online courses to people who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills around digital technologies and we organize events that spark debate around the ethical implementation of these technologies.


Origins of the name

In the time when Johannes Gutenberg introduced the printing press in Europe (around 1450), it was very time consuming for people to operate the machine and put all the letters in the right order. That’s why the printing press was equipped with two large drawers or “cases”. One on top of the other in which the letters of type were stored. In the upper case were the capital letters and in the lower case were the normal letters. This is why we nowadays speak of uppercase and lowercase script.

In our analogy: people that are already tech-savvy are in the top drawer (uppercase), but we want to make sure that everyone else (in lowercase) also reaps the benefits of digital technologies. Hence, the lowercase foundation.

Notable projects

In 2018 we launched the National AI Course in the Netherlands. The content was created in close cooperation with leading Dutch university professors and the promotion was a joint effort of leading corporations. Her majesty the queen helped launch a special edition for children and after three years more than 300.000 people were reached.

Inspired by the success of the AI course, we were approached by the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Pretty soon a National Blockchain Course was published on our platform. In 2024 we added a National Quantum Course to our portfolio. The contents of this course was created in close cooperation with Quantum Delta NL.


Get in touch

The Lowercase Foundation is located in Amsterdam. Our Chambers of Commerce number is 53103467. Our P.O. Box is Postbus 75756, 1070 AT in Amsterdam. But we prefer digital mail via of